Delta Airlines experienced a major computer outage recently, one that caused canceled flights and massive delays. Many passengers were stranded in airports, and the company now has to look back and find the cause. Most of the work will involve a close look at the IT systems Delta is using and efforts to create better redundancy, but there’s also the “soft” issue of dealing with passengers who need to be rebooked on a flight or at least reassured that everything is OK. That’s where A.I., machine learning, and chatbots could help, says Dave O’Flanagan, the CEO of Boxever. His company, based in Dublin, with offices in the U.S. and elsewhere, makes a cloud platform that uses A.I.-assisted analytics and machine learning. O’Flanagan says airlines could use chatbots to deal with the initial influx of requests. At this stage in their development, bots are good at taking that initial inquiry from a passenger or potential customer, even if an actual rebooking might not be possible at that time (likely due to the same IT system challenges). Get the full story at VentureBeat