Today, businesses can best welcome their customers when they tailor online experiences to their customers’ context — that combination of location, device capabilities, time (of day and of year), user preferences, and other signals that allow you to deliver a welcoming and relevant experience in that moment. This applies to websites and apps. Customers may choose to visit you via one or the other, but will be looking for a high-quality experience in either case. It also applies to sites or apps; certain customers may want to use one instead of another and your business’ understanding of context should be able to guide them toward their preference, or give them the option to choose. As an example, suppose you own restaurants in a variety of locations. To create a great experience for your connected customers, in your ads, sites, and apps you could use devices’ location awareness to highlight restaurants near your customers, make it easy for customers to call you to place orders from their phones, create a loyalty points program for in-app orders, or provide special in-store offers (free appetizers!) when your best customers visit you frequently. These opportunities allow you to welcome your customers in a new, useful, relevant way that’s simply not possible offline. Imagine rearranging your restaurant(s), changing your menus, and running different ads for every single one of your customers — it can’t be done, at scale. But online is built for this, and in many ways, is capable of providing an even more welcoming experience than customers already receive. With the right level of effort, technology can do this work so you can welcome each of your customers warmly. Get the full story at Harvard Business Review