The hotel base we selected was about 100 hotels located in Paris, Rome and Barcelona. A selection of independent hotels varying from cheap to luxury and including Boutique. A pretty wide variety of hotels but all of them independent and in the smaller category of about 30-50 rooms. WIHP used the classic question “How did you hear about us?” We already know that about 90% of the bookings done on a hotel’s website are done by people who search for the hotel on their search engine, the question that we wanted to answer was how did the guest find out about the hotel. The results: 24.1% Friends or Family 20.2% OTAs 17.2% Other 16.0% Tripadvisor 11.8% Repeat Guest 2.7% Travel Agent 2.7% Blogs 2.0% Facebook 2.1% Magazine 1.0% Travel Guide 0.1% Twitter Get the full story at WIHP