The journey to enhance secondary spend must start with the end goal, it can be as simple as driving sales to a cake display on a bar, to master planning retail en route to the resort swimming pool. You need to ask, 'who wants what and when, and where on the customer journey will they want it?' Attracting your guests’ attention and enticing them over the threshold or encouraging them from one space to another is the real key to get them spending. By creating evocative, visual stimuli you can dictate the route your guests take, drawing their eyes and other senses to a desired area, the final destination to where secondary spend takes place; cakes, drinks, spa goods, treatments. Enhancing ‘offers’ by making them more visible sounds simple, but in my experience point-of-sale marketing, leaflets and posters can sometimes dissuade spend. Developing cleverly designed ‘zones’ and making the product more noticeable has been far more successful for my clients. Get the full story at Big Hospitality