These “Find Yours” campaigns are generally success stories for Expedia, and at the same time increase awareness of underdog destinations or those that ask for publicity. The site saw an 11 times return on investment with its Alberta, Canada campaign, for example, and air passenger traffic to the province’s airports also increased 21%, says Noah Tratt, a spokesperson for Expedia Media Solutions. “Alberta had recently overhauled their marketing effort when we started the campaign, and with these campaigns we see an opportunity to influence people before they make their decisions and this campaign’s results are in many ways consistent with our other campaigns,” he said. “Those who don’t know Expedia assume that people come to us already knowing where they want to go, but that isn’t always the case.” In 2010, Expedia found 20% of customers were searching for multiple destinations on the site 48 hours before they made a booking. Another Expedia study from 2013 showed travelers visit an average of 38 sites before booking a vacation, suggesting it’s never too late to influence travelers’ once they reach a booking site. Get the full story at Skift