According to Simon Lejeune, Hopper’s head of user acquisition, the big OTAs are extremely focused on the lower funnel. They’ve forgotten you can talk to users on Facebook before they’re even searching for a flight. If we value beyond the moment of search, users will retain. A conversion machine like creates anxiety – we call it “hate selling” – because they tell you, “Two people are watching this hotel, three people just booked a room and there’s only one room left!” Everything is flashing red and green and orange and it stresses people out. But our product informs the way we acquire users and dictates our user experience strategy. That strategy allows us to get installs three to four months before someone takes a trip, because we have a value prop on pricing and notifications. And when they are ready to buy, we’re not out there trying to capture them again through Google AdWords. Get the full story at AdExchange