Of course, a cute five-words-or-less description can fall on its face if it isn’t backed by action and execution. It’s not only important to determine what your hotel is, but you also need to live it through the facilities, amenities, service, cleanliness or whatever else represents the core of the experiences you claim to offer. It must be shouted loudly in every marketing channel you use, but especially in social media, which is where consumers - particularly young ones, but also people of all ages- believe they can get the inside information on any product or service they’re considering for purchase. So how do you describe your property using five words or less: maybe “Fun, romantic, relaxing” for a beach resort, or “Sexy, mysterious, breathtaking” for an urban boutique or “Work hard, play hard” for a conference center. Rally your operations, marketing and social media teams to brainstorm your concept. Get the full story at HotelNewsNow