For grid view, Gmail is using “Actions in the Inbox,” which it announced in early 2013. Actions in the Inbox uses markup that takes information in an email, turns it into structured data, and then makes the structured data usable as an action. For example, the actions can be things like the ability to RSVP to an invitation, add a movie to a queue, watch a movie or track a package. In the new inbox grid view, Gmail allows senders to use the markup to define the featured image and content of the email. The displayed email in grid view has four components: the featured image, the logo, the sender name and the subject line. Gmail recommends the following for each component: - Featured Image: must be at least 580px x 480px - Logo: Must have a verified Google+ page - Sender Name: 20 characters or less - Subject Line: 75 characters or less Get the full story at Marketing Land Read also "Gmail’s new grid view make images a key part of the email open rate equation"