During the “Innovation Spotlight: Delivering More Checkouts – Driving Mobile App Engagement and Results with Mobile Lifecycle Marketing” session, the executive discussed how Expedia ensures its engagement with consumers is targeted, relevant and of value to customers. As the days of standard email blasts to entire user bases get left behind, leveraging mobile marketing automation platforms is one way of fostering one-on-one interaction that ultimately will yield more sales as consumers find offers or deals that provide additive experiences to their travel journeys. “With mobile, we have a unique opportunity we never had before to engage with our customers through this shopping journey,” said Tristan Krause, mobile product manager at Expedia, Bellevue, WA. “Overall, mobile marketing automation helps us align our brand and personalize users’ journeys with us.” As consumers increasingly turn to booking travel on their mobile devices, online travel agents such as Expedia have a unique opportunity to drive further sales of transportation options, activities and accommodations by providing users with targeted offers during their purchasing experiences. Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Daily