One example is Expedia's ScratchPad project, which was rolled out in January in the US. This feature stores and organizes a customer's search queries for easy retrieval. Clicking on the Scratchpad button on the homepage expands the search history and refreshes the data, showing the latest prices and inventory. In addition, for travelers signed in to the mobile app, Scratchpad will remember those searches and save them for viewing on desktop. Expedia admits that even the biggest companies in the world are struggling in the new world where the web has become a set of data products, not interfaces. “There’s so much at stake, so many trends. You can make the wrong moves. Everything is being disruptive, everything is designed to make consumers’ life easier but harder for companies.” Last year, Expedia spent US$500 million on R+D in technology and it intends to keep up that level of investment to make sure it lives up to its mission of reinventing travel through technology. Get the full story at Web in Travel