That’s why Expedia launched a brand campaign three years ago called “Find Yours.” The campaign featured much user-generated content - including videos from consumers explaining how travel had changed them. The 'Find Yours' campaign was a departure from the usual commoditized approach of online travel booking for For example, as part of the campaign, Expedia also became a platinum sponsor of Passports with Purpose, an organization dedicated to doing long-lasting good for people who live in the places travelers visit. One of the first videos in the “Find Yours” campaign is entitled “Find Your Understanding.” It follows a father’s journey, both literal and figurative, as he deals with conflicting emotions relative to his lesbian daughter's same-sex marriage. The short video is composed of real footage taken of Artie Goldstein, a retired business owner, Jill Sloane Goldstein, a seasoned advertising executive turned writer/producer, and Nikki Weiss, an agent and producer in the feature film and advertising commercial industry. Get the full story at reelse