EMEA marketing boss Andrew Warner says: “What we are moving towards is the kind of questions OTAs have not been used to answering and anticipating what the consumer wants and delivering recommendations. This is a commercial conundrum, still in many markets the penetration of OTAs is only 50% because we have probably not been able to meet these customers needs.” Warner, speaking during the WTM/TTI Travel Innovation Summit says most customers are happy to share data ‘in some way, shape or form’ but the challenge is in getting a handle on the data so that it delivers relevant results to consumers. “LinkedIn structures the way it captures data to deliver you more relevant results that have greater value, the more you use it the better it gets. At Expedia we have a similar mentality, thinking about how we can use the information to deliver greater relevancy.” What the company is starting to do is build a ‘travel graph’ which boils down to drawing elements out of the vast range of data it gathers, not in a ‘Big Brother’ way, to feed into an engine which delivers relevant information out the other end. Get the full story at Tnooz