Connecting with travelers in a meaningful way before they’re in the buying funnel, guiding them in seamlessly and creating a highly personalized booking experience has major benefits for travel brands By making an impact earlier in the inspiration phase, travel brands are better able to achieve true personalization further down the purchase path, which improves results and makes for happier travelers. According to a joint 2017 study from Phocuswright and Google, nearly 60 percent of travelers believe brands should personalize their communications based on personal preferences or past behaviors, and when it comes to millennials, they absolutely expect it. However, when companies rate themselves on personalization, just 12 percent give themselves five stars and 75 percent give themselves three or fewer, according to Skift’s 2017 Digital Transformation Report. There’s a lot of room for improvement. What’s different about today’s emerging tech is that solutions offered by Google and Facebook not only improve business for the brands but also give travelers more of what they want when they want it. In a rare moment, everyone is gaining on the investment. Get the full story at AdWeek