For hotels social networks have performed disappointingly as a booking channel, but for hotel guests they’re proving to be a popular and efficient customer service channel. Showing up with increasing frequency on Facebook pages and Twitter feeds are comments like this: “Can’t wait to celebrate our anniversary at your hotel—hope you make it special!” On one hand it’s fantastic when guests share their excitement in such a public manner. On the other hand if truffles and pink champagne aren’t waiting in an upgraded Princess Suite, what are the risks? What if the guest is a rampant, venomous blogger, a social media overlord who can bring the hotel to its knees with a few blistering words? Moreover, accommodating all such requests could get cumbersome and expensive. On any given Saturday night, for example, up to half or more of a hotel’s rooms might be occupied by guests celebrating a special occasion. Is social media freeloading becoming a problem? Daniel Edward Craig asked several hoteliers. Get the full story at Daniel Edward Craig's blog Read also "Social media ambush: When hotel guests go on the attack"