Ad targeting is nearly as old as the ad industry itself. Putting the right message in front of the right consumer at the right time — never wasting money or an opportunity — has been the dream of every marketer who ever pitched a product. Now, after a decade of tinkering and trial, new online advertising techniques and technologies are poised to make the dream come true.

eMarketer's new report, Targeting Online Customers: Advertising Techniques and Trends, explores these evolving online ad tools to see exactly what is working — and why.

"Ad targeting is both obvious and elusive," says David Hallerman, eMarketer Senior Analyst and author of the report. "It's obvious that when marketers target ads at an audience receptive to their pitch, their campaigns are likely to be more effective. But the audience is elusive. Who are they? How do you find them? What's the best way to touch their hearts and minds once they're found?"

As 84% of US advertising professionals told the American Advertising Federation last November, what makes the Internet different from traditional media is that it encompasses both classic targeting methods, such as demographic and psychographic profiling, and interactive ones, such as behavioral targeting and paid search.

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