If consumers start to use this tool, their buying patterns will become clear, which can make it easier to use the data collated to plan a strategy. This means that the Google Flights aspect of the update may become a vital tool for managers wanting to focus their travel marketing. The current data available is limited, but the prospects are considerable. From the Google Holiday Trends data available, a popular holiday destination for New Year celebrations is New York, where the iconic ball drop happens at midnight. However, interestingly you can also see that the cheapest time to book if you’re flying from Chicago, Los Angeles or San Francisco is around 100 days before your arrival time. With such a costly purchase as a holiday, it’s very rare that a traveler will book without researching first. Especially if they’ve never been to that destination before. Creating New York content before the 100 days marker will target those savvy travelers going about their research. Get the full story at The Drum (free registration) and download the report