When Google talks, people listen. The search giant's announcement that it has begun labeling sites as mobile-friendly in search results is a significant step forward for the mobile web. Not only does this labeling help users on mobile decide whether to bother visiting a site -- because let's face it, nobody on a mobile device wants to struggle with tiny print and unnavigable menus. In the future, having this moniker will affect websites' search results. Google is sending the message to any laggards out there that they had better get serious about the mobile web. This news is truly a game changer for digital publishers. For the last decade, the search game has been about providing the right metadata as part of an SEO or SEM strategy to enable companies to get highly ranked in consumer searches. Introducing a new piece of that algorithm -- being mobile-friendly -- is now as important as being SEO friendly. Get the full story at iMedia Connection Read also "Why won’t Google talk about mobile like everyone else?" at Marketing Land