Google doesn’t tell you about their algorithm, but they’ve dropped enough hints to suggest that they’re now using human factors to determine the quality of content with their recent Panda updates. The introduction of the +1 button, and its presence in search results suggests that a combination of “+1”, “like” and other sharing tools will play an increasing role. So the big shift in search is that humans will now have a say in what makes good content, rather than just the machine. According to Google, this means that low quality content and search engine fodder will have no place to hide or, more accurately, Google will hide it much further down the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Google+ in conjunction with the Panda updates could be the biggest shift in search since it took off 13 years ago. Traffic from Google is for many travel companies the largest traffic source to their digital platforms and with Google revolutionising their algorithms, we have to embrace the change! Here are some simple steps that travel companies can take to make sure these radical developments in search can benefit their businesses, in addition to some strategic questions to answer to help protect your business in the longer term. Get the full story at Web In Travel