On February 13th, in a blog post by Aakash Sahney (Product Manager, Gmail), Google shared a developer preview of “AMP for Email.” AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages; an open-source framework developed to make mobile pages load faster. That framework is now being used to improve the email experience. The big idea behind AMP for email is that it allows for the creation of a more engaging experience. Developing an interactive and web-like experience means that emails could reproduce the functionality one would previously expect to find only on a website or in an app. The advantage of this experience existing in your email is that it is all self-contained in one location. Participation does not require you to navigate to a specific site or download an application. Furthermore, information contained in an email could be updated in real-time. Example uses include RSVPing to an event, scheduling an appointment, or filling out a questionnaire. Flight confirmation emails are another great use case for this technology. Gate changes and flight delays could be reflected in the confirmation email in real-time, ensuring that the information never goes stale. Get the full story at Koddi