Here are some key points from her presentation: - Feedback is feedback - even if it’s in social media: They proactively look for and respond to customer complaints on social sites the same way they would in the non-digital world. According to Vanessa, that’s unlike 70% of other companies who completely ignore complaints on Twitter. - You don’t have to be a marketer to be an advocate: Their Hilton Suggests program uses anyone, from the HR department to the front desk, to get behind the Twitter campaign. Vanessa says that with a little social media training, these folks have everything they need to make great recommendations. - Trust your employees: Vanessa admits that when it comes to their fantastic social media response team, she can teach them how to tweet, but they know customer service. She encourages them to treat social media complaints the same way they would in a call center. Get the full story at the SmartBlog on Social Media