Knowing that a well-thought out visual story on OTAs can increase engagement, bookings and ADR, why are some hoteliers shying away from OTAs? It’s important to understand the travel shopping journey and that OTAs are not exclusively used for booking. Travel shoppers do their hotel research on a number of websites (including OTAs) before they’re even ready to book. Therefore, the way your hotel is presented on these sites impacts whether or not you make the travel shopper’s shortlist. If you don’t make their shortlist, they definitely won’t be visiting your hotel’s website, brand website or calling you to book directly. They won’t be booking your hotel at all. Not booking at all is worse than if booking through an OTA, isn’t it? Visual stories give the consumer a better perspective of what your hotel offers overall, thus adding to your value proposition, justifying your price point and reducing the need to discount your rooms. Get the full story at VFM Leonardo