In visiting Four Seasons’ LinkedIn page, it’s evident they focus a lot on sharing photos. They portray recipes and their chef creating meals. This isn’t as common on LinkedIn specifically which makes this tactic sound out. Chef photos and the like are usually reserved moreso for visual platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, so it’s a diverse approach to leverage LinkedIn for this purpose. Sharing photos helps humanize the brand and convey a more personal element to it, even among a more professional environment. Hilton Worldwide is setting a high bar with regard to their LinkedIn business page. They have over 320,000 followers, and rather using this page as a sales tool which may seem inherent, they use it to highlight various other aspects of their company. Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, on the other hand, optimizes LinkedIn to seek new candidates. They place strong emphasis on career opportunities. Get the full story at Maximize Social Business Read also "6 lessons from the top 10 Best LinkedIn Company Pages" at PR Daily