“It’s all about relevancy,” says Jackie Talbot, director of online media at Hilton Worldwide Holdings. “We have to stop saying, ‘What is a need market?’ We have to say, ‘What does that customer want?' … Sometimes it’s about only showing the customer what’s relevant to them.” Retargeting - reaching guests via tailored ads following online searches that don’t end in conversions - is one way to figure out what’s relevant to guests, according to Talbot. She said it’s important to work with destination marketing professionals so they can help marketers figure out how to find guests at the right time. Kimpton’s Lang said her company takes a different approach by thinking philosophically and focusing on retention versus acquisition of customers. “As marketers, we’re always chasing the next customer,” she said. “Look at who you have in house already.” She said the company has invested in social media listening tools to discover what customers are saying when they aren’t staying at a property. The information is integrated into every point-of-sale system at the company, poured into the customer-relationship-management system and added to guests’ profiles. Get the full story at Hotel News Now