Metasearch is no longer just a marketing channel, nor is it simply an OTA type of distribution channel. Perhaps it should be called a direct distribution-marketing channel, through which you can get bookings from direct customers on your branded site or app? Metasearch is not an isolated marketing channel anymore, it's a clear path to customer acquisition and if the booking path and consumer experience are excellent then ultimately so will the customer retention be. In the age of metasearch, your rate can be easily compared with other OTAs, therefore it is vital to control the ROAS and cost of booking for each metasearch channel. In the new age of metasearch marketing, product inventory, pricing and campaign management are closely intertwined. When mobile booking and payment become part of metasearch, it is even more important to have a single party with a seamless closed loop marketing solution: connect and cache (price feed/cache), control (bidding and optimization), and finally conversion (booking integration). Get the full story at DerbySoft