Between integrating a specific social media theme into the hotel itself to creating exhibits and social events, numerous properties are creating authentic experiences surrounding social-media themed experiences. Last year, Meliá Hotels International, the leading hotel chain in Spain, debuted a new program in which its innovative @SolWaveHouse Hotel became the first ever “twitter experience hotel” in the world. The intent of the hotel was to facilitate interaction among social media-savvy customers plus increase excitement and stimulate “buzz” among the young audience that typically fills the hotel. Similar to Sol Wave House, 1888 Hotel in Australia followed the trend of incorporating social media into the overall experience of staying at the Sydney hotel. They integrated Instagram into both the property itself as well as its marketing and ideal audience. Anyone with more than 10,000 followers on Instagram can stay free at the property. A revolving digital mural of Instagram images greets guests as they enter the lobby, then, after checking in, guests are invited to stand in front of an open frame hanging in the lobby and snap a selfie. Get the full story at Maximize Social Business