Today’s hotel planning and booking customer journey is becoming increasingly complex as we operate in a multi-device, multi-channel, and multi-touchpoint environment. On average, the travel consumer goes through 18 different touchpoints before making a booking (Google Research). Each of these touchpoints presents an opportunity for the hotel to build a brand connection, influence intent and booking decision, and be there for the travel consumer every step of the way. Nine out of ten people are “cross-device” Internet browsers and researchers, using multiple devices sequentially and moving from one device to another at different times. By enhancing the mobile experience with Google AMP, it becomes an even greater contributor as a touchpoint that allows hoteliers to engage potential guests and bring them to the hotel website to learn more and (hopefully) to book. Overall, the benefits of Google AMP include: - Positioning your property ahead of the competition by being an early adopter of Google AMP as part of all other initiatives in the Google Ecosystem - Increasing visibility on mobile devices to boost visits and bookings initiated - Promoting news-worthy content and promotional pages about hotel amenities and services Get the full story at HEBS Digital