In this virtual roundtable, a group of hoteliers answered Hotel News Now’s questions about how they are prioritizing their tech spending next year. 1. What are your technology-spending priorities in 2019? Are these more guest-facing or back of house? Mark Hemmer, COO, Vesta Hospitality “In 2019, Vesta will continue a trend that has played out over the last several years, that is investing in back-of-house technology solutions that allow us to consolidate multiple systems into a single vendor solution. For example, next year, we will be jettisoning separate systems for recruiting, on-boarding, timekeeping and payroll into a single platform. “Advantages of this approach include reduced training time and expense, quicker implementations and, most importantly, it helps us focus more on being able to use data to drive decisions rather than getting inundated with data collection. Everything moves so quickly these days; the art is in acting on the right data right now. “We look for vendors whose systems embrace all of the desired functionality in their original design, as opposed to bolt-on systems, which we have often found to be clumsy in their execution.” Get the full story at HNN Read also "Determining the tech your hotel should prioritize" at HNN