Speakers from HeBS Digital & Google discussed the various ways hoteliers can use data to build a digital marketing plan that reaches the right people, at the right time, on the right device to win the booking. Integrating Smart Data Marketing into the hoteliers’ strategy is so important because it helps close the 360-degree customer engagement, retention and acquisition cycle. While retaining past guests, frequent guests, and loyalty members is imperative, hoteliers that are not utilizing real-time “in-market” targeting that reaches potential guests – travelers who have expressed intent to travel now or in the near future to the hotel’s destination – are missing serious revenue opportunities to expand and “replenish” their existing customer base on an ongoing basis. HeBS Digital’s Website Revenue Optimization Consultants have a deep understanding on how to integrate both Google products and other digital marketing formats to utilize both past guest data and intent-to-travel data to drive direct bookings and high returns. This expertise was demonstrated in the case study series, a key part of the lineup for the day. Get the full story at HeBS Digital