For international businesses, selling a product or service in a number of markets offers great opportunities but just as many challenges when it comes to maintaining the brand’s image, managing the company’s operations, and delivering the same options for users regardless of location. Monitoring, targeting, and growing business in a foreign market takes well-researched and executed businesses strategies coupled with a constant awareness of the Internet’s intertwining relationship with both cultural trends and economic developments on domestic and international scales. Many metrics of worldwide online behavior and connectivity are coalescing but are still distinctly defined by cultural differences, access to the Internet, and localized Internet behavior. While certain aspects of business and more specifically marketing strategies can be applied worldwide, each market needs a bit of TLC to reach its potential. To better understand some of the ins and outs of this process from an expert in the field, State of Digital spoke to Michael Korkia, senior marketing manager at Korkia has been at for the past five years in various marketing roles leading up to his current position managing the marketing for the German speaking region, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa point of sale and point of supply with key focus markets being Russia, Poland, Turkey and Middle East. Get the full story at State of Digital