Hotels have long catered to business travelers, and for good reason. According to a U.S. Travel Association report, direct spending by domestic and international business travelers in the U.S. totaled $266.5 billion in 2013, representing almost a third of all money spent by travelers in the country that year. Considering this amount and the frequency with which these individuals travel - an average of 21 to 30 times per year, according to a report from American Express Global Business Travel - hotels need to promise more than just a business center to appease this discerning group of frequent travelers. To shed some light on the latest business traveler trends and how properties are adapting, U.S. News spoke with Pedro Paredes, vice president, global business consulting for American Express Global Business Travel. But if you're not a business traveler, why should you care? Because this group of globe-trotters is changing the hospitality industry in a way that affects leisure travelers, too. Brand names are king According to the GBT survey, business travelers consider a hotel's brand to be the most important factor in booking a hotel. Aside from the fact that established brands offer the opportunity to rack up rewards points across their various loyalty programs, brands also promise consistency in all their properties, regardless of the location. And, according to Paredes, consistency is critical. Get the full story at The Huffington Post