Depending on the choice of property, destination and time of year, hotel pricing can vary substantially. Many times, pricing is based on availability, season or simply demand. Airbnb pricing can vary for similar reasons to hotels. However, these rates have become increasingly competitive as the Airbnb platform continues to thrive. The chart below, highlights hotel vs. Airbnb average rates in some select U.S. cities. In some cases, such as New Orleans, Airbnb rates have shown to exceed the ADR of local hotels. As a result of this, the New Orleans City Council has temporarily "banned new whole-home-short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods." This action subjects temporary STR's with a 90-day limit until new regulations can be introduced to ratify short-term rentals. This is a common outcry amongst popular second and third tier destination cities. And further supports the call for updated hotel performance reviews and potential program revisions. It's essential to know where the opportunities exist to recalibrate new pricing structures and tactical planning. Get the full story at Hotel Online Read also "Do price positioning and dynamic pricing work on Airbnb too?" at Hospitality Net