Most of the digital tools we use these days require registration and personal profiling, forcing us to allow others to track every detail of who we are and how we live. Companies use this data to build a relevant and meaningful dialogue with us to create brand loyalty, and when done well, this is truly helpful. There is an ongoing need for convenience, too, and during the past half-century we have seen incredible advances in our never-ending desire to make things easier and faster. However, many of us do still feel inconvenienced is when we stay in hotels. The hospitality industry still manages to get some of the most basic things wrong. - You’re trying to check out after a business trip only to find the queue is some 40 people long. - You need to access your booking email to check in with your kids in tow but the Wi-Fi code is tediously long and complicated. - Which light switch is for which lamp? Where is the mains plug? Regardless of whether your stay is for business, pleasure or necessity, there isn't an excuse for these issues of inconvenience. Get the full story at Econsultancy