It’s a great idea to begin cross-promoting your page amongst your other social channels. These networks are where your social-savvy audience resides, and so it’s important they know that you’re also now present in this new space. For travel brands, this would include sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, where people are reviewing restaurants and hotels consistently. Building your circles is also a good way to stand out. When you begin circling other people and brands, the “social” aspect begins to tie together the Google+ experience. In order for you to follow other brands to eventually interact with them, add them to your circles so you can keep up on what they’re posting. Create different circles for different types of profiles based on whatever niches are relevant to your brand. If you’re a hotel, you might want to circle other venues in your city, such as the local destination marketing organization, restaurants and attractions. Creating circles to highlight each of these specific categories makes it easy to keep everything organized. If you’re a restaurant, you would also want to circle various local businesses, as well as other food sites, such as popular food magazines, TV shows, chefs, etc. From there, you can +1 (the G+ equivalent to “liking” something on Facebook) their posts or leave comments on them. Get the full story at Maximize Social Business