Modern travelers are embracing the unique and local experience more than ever before, which makes boutique hotels so appealing. To survive and thrive against your big brand hotel comp set, try these hotel marketing strategies: Own It As in, own who you are and brand it. The first step in being a small, but mighty contender in the fight for travel spend is to know what makes your hotel special, unique and unlike any others in your neighborhood and city. What makes you standout from the massive hotel across the street? What are your distinguishing differences? If there is nothing that defines you from another hotel, than you better think of ways to stand out fast. Is there an amenity you can offer that no one else does? Think of F&B (traveling martini cart, freshly baked caramel salt brownies in the evening or cheddar biscuits in the morning) or events that pull all guests together (Friday night comedy movies played in your event space, gallery showings by local artists, meet and mingle hours). Get the full story at Cvent