For the last 30 years, hospitality professionals have marketed to their customers based on the fact that " Mileage is a basic consumer expectation, alongside convenient schedules, competitive pricing, safety and customer service"( The basis of most loyalty programs is rewarding repeat customers with point-based discounts, with no real customer information taken into account. As a result, loyalty is a very loose concept in the minds of most travelers. " Even high frequency travelers only spend 58% of their spend on their preferred brand, and 65% report staying with 2 or more brands in the past 6 months" ( With a new generation of travelers craving novelty, this cookie-cutter approach to loyalty programs will no longer be an enticing deal. In addition, recent mergers have made the loyalty environment even more challenging for small chains and independent hotels. Now giving loyal customers access to an even bigger pool of options, it has made joining a loyalty programs even more enticing. There are a few alternatives that hotels can do to keep up with the competition. Get the full story at Spring Engage