Social Capital Seekers are one tribe “we are very interested in and who are interested in us. We are very much engaged with social, mainly because it helps us to see the guest experience literally through the lens of the guest,” noting that the brand pays close attention to the specific visuals that are shared by guests on Instagram and Pinterest. Kimpton was one of the first hote2030ftt_chartl companies to help guests earn additional loyalty recognition by engaging with social media. “But our loyalty scheme is not about the points, it’s about helping us get to know the guests better so we can deliver the best experience.” And the personal touch applies to Obligation Meeters as well. “Clearly, we get a lot of people staying with us on business, but we still need to react to these Obligation Meeters appropriately. We train our property teams to gauge the energy, so if a guest arrives late after a delayed flight our staff can recognize this and respond accordingly.” Get the full story at Amadeus