We know mobile has radically changed the consumer decision journey over the past decade. Today, people seamlessly move between channels and devices—from mobile to desktop to offline and back. As a result, our traditional rules and approaches to measurement no longer work. As marketers, we can't shy away from this new reality. Indeed, the leading marketers who are driving outstanding business results are those tackling these challenges head-on, and shifting their measurement mindset. Google recently partnered with Econsultancy to better understand how senior marketers are adapting their measurement practices for our mobile world. Our findings show that marketing leaders―those who are succeeding beyond their business goals―share several common attributes: - They focus on business metrics that really matter, like bottom line sales and profits, rather than campaign metrics, like clicks and conversions. - They employ new tools and estimates to bridge gaps in measurement across devices and offline channels. - They encourage a culture of experimentation to help answer strategic questions about new opportunities. Get the full story at Think with Google