Local content is defined as content and news that promotes a service in a specific city, neighborhood, or community. Local content is used across a variety of different industries, but primarily you’ll find local used in real estate, travel, and retail. Appealing to a specific geographic community with content about that community has proven to be extremely effective in lifestyle brands and publishers. San Francisco’s The Bold Italic, has gathered thousands of social shares with posts about “The 7 Best Waterfall Hikes,” “What Being Broke in SF Really Means,” and “The Top 10 Dating Profiles in SF.” Even as a local publishing site in San Francisco, the Bold Italic became a top 10,000 site in the world. Buzzfeed has created a model of creating as much content as they can to a specific community or demographic, ranging from cities, age, decade you grew up, your career, education, and more. Get the full story at scripted