The Drum: How has the changing digital space impacted Lufthansa? Alexander Schlaubitz: Things are changing all the time and they’re changing fast and I think that’s a really good thing. One of the things we’re just now culturally getting accustomed to is getting much more agile and that we have to cultivate a totally different way of approaching things. We’ve also now just now developed a couple of core beliefs like what should digital always be able to do? One thing is ‘Happy Next’; some next action that somebody can take as a result of any digital interaction with us. Or to be natural so that we don’t necessarily force digital on to them we only use digital in the most comfortable delivery point for the consumer. How has digital impacted your approach to marketing? One of the things that has been a very big shift, is a strict focus on human centricity. So we are trying to make sure that we put people and their state of minds at the heart of everything we do and that’s permeated out into our entire marketing but it certainly started with digital because that’s where it’s the most responsive and the most necessary. The ripple effects are really big for us right now and we’ve started to do a little gimmicky thing to write advertising with a double ‘d’ which is supposed to say that every touchpoint we have is supposed to add value to our lives and that is certainly something that was born out of a digital perspective. Get the full story at The Drum