When the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver wanted to attract younger travelers and add some pizazz to the nearly 40-year-old hotel, it ditched the jazz music in the lobby and the mellow lounge tunes in the restaurant. In their place? Upbeat and indie pop tracks, like “Groove Jumping” by the British DJ Jimpster, arranged by a music-curating company. The new music “keeps us interesting,” says hotel manager Joerg Rodig. “For some people, Four Seasons the brand can be intimidating. We’re trying to take that intimidating away and just be welcoming.” Hotels are getting much more sophisticated about the music they play in their lobbies, restaurants, spas and pools. Properties are increasingly working with music-design companies, compiling separate playlists for different spaces and particular times of day. They’re even zeroing in on the optimal number of beats per minute. Get the full story at The Wall Street Journal