The company started advertising with Facebook Ads in February 2011 to engage with people who love traveling, enjoy luxury, and appreciate the experience Luxury link offers. To expand its customer base, the company now uses Friends of Connections Targeting to target friends of people who have liked its Facebook page Luxury Link. Alia Henson, Luxury Link’s Social Media Manager, says the company’s overall objective has been to drive engagement and increase brand visibility for the well-traveled luxury customer. To begin her campaign, Alia created a page to generate more awareness. Once people connect to the page, they can get information about new featured destinations and getaways. She has continued to enhance the page by adding tabs where people can sign up for the Luxury Link newsletter as well as search for hotels. To fuel engagement, Alia regularly posts questions as status updates on the page. Recently, Luxury Link hosted an hour-long live chat about Fiji during which customers were able to interact with the brand. “Did you enjoy the Live Chat on Fiji yesterday?” a follow-up posts asks. “We want to know what destinations are of interest to you!” Get the full story at facebook marketing solutions