A few months back, Marriott hosted a contest in China for entrepreneurs, with the winner getting to incubate a food and beverage concept inside the JW Marriott hotel in the city of Shenzhen. "You have the idea, we have the space," Marriott said in its pitch. The company also promised budding restaurateurs support on things from a budget to regulations to marketing. By backing an F&B startup, it cleverly nodded to Marriott's own debut, back in 1927, as a root beer stand. Marriott has almost 200 hotels in Asia out of its global roster of over 4,200 properties, and it's planning to expand there fast. Next year it will open over 50 hotels in Asia, or about one a week. And in three years, its current number of Asian hotels is expected to double. "It's a lot of opportunity to think differently," said Peggy Fang Roe, chief sales and marketing officer for Marriott International in Asia Pacific. As Ms. Roe notes, 61% of the world lives in Asia Pacific. "There are already 100 million outbound trips a year out of China, and in the next five years it will double to 200 million," Ms. Roe said. Among the big questions she's asking is how the company will help Chinese travelers see the world, and how it will cater to their family trips. Get the full story at AdvertisingAge