“If you take it, then you must have liked it,” says Scott Mitchell, director of design and development for Marriott International. Mitchell and his team tested 52 brands of shampoo, conditioner, body gel, lotion and soap before choosing the perfect one for its Marriott Hotels around the world. Before testing, Mitchell sat with the Marriott Hotels brand team and found they were looking for “hip and cool” products for the Americas and Asia Pacific hotels. The European and Africa based hotels wanted products from a company that had a long, family-owned history. From there, it’s time to find the brands. Mitchell visits boutique shops around the world in search of the perfect products. “We have to zero in on amenity brands that we think will work, and also make sure the products can be produced in different countries and continents,” Mitchell says. Get the full story at Forbes Read also "Hotels lure business travelers with room amenities"