Marriott has been consistently introducing new mobile-first initiatives to enhance guests’ experiences at its resorts and target potential customers via social media, playing into millennials’ tendencies to glean inspiration from friends’ or brands’ posts and book spur-of-the-moment trips. The hotel chain also developed an on-premises mobile chat platform, Mobile Requests, which enables guests to communicate with front-desk staff and request a variety of services and amenities via their smartphones. Marriott’s attention has now turned to the popular mobile marketing strategy of geo-fencing, an initiative that prompted the brand to team up with location-based engagement platform HYP3R to more effectively target on-the-go social media users. In a Q&A with Mobile Marketer, Marriott International’s senior director of global creative and content marketing, Matthew Glick, discusses the brand’s M Live command center and real-time social targeting strategy. Get the full story at the Mobile Marketer Read also "How Marriott personalizes at scale"