Take a moment and think back to how you got information before smartphones existed. You probably printed directions before a road trip (or relied on a paper map you already had). Maybe you looked up movie times in the newspaper. Maybe you called a store to check its hours (or just took your chances and showed up, hoping to see the "open" sign). And now? You turn to the nearest device - your smartphone. To get a better understanding of how people meet their needs in a world of limitless online and offline options, we collaborated with the research firm, Purchased. All of the findings presented here are from this research study. We asked 1,000 smartphone users to take a quick poll several times a day for a week to tell us what kinds of needs they had throughout the day and the actions they took to meet them. Get the full story at Think with Google Read also: - How People Meet Their Needs in I-Want-to-Go Moments - How People Meet Their Needs in I-Want-to-Do Moments - How People Meet Their Needs in I-Want-to-Know Moments - How People Meet Their Needs in I-Want-to-Buy Moments