Thanks to the tools that designers have at their fingertips - data, analytics, security and more - apps have the potential to coordinate the entire journey of a traveler - from planning to enjoying to sharing - and do it well. For the forward-thinking app designer, true customization starts before travel even begins. Weather alerts, packing lists and recommendations make sure users are perfectly prepared based on their destination and upcoming activities. Flight notifications can be sent automatically so travelers are well-scheduled and are prepared for any delay. Before someone even leaves their home, well-thought travel apps can help them have a successful journey. Thanks to geo-positioning, an individual can be in a city for the first time and still get the best chicken tikka masala, served in a hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurant that hadn’t made it into any travel guides, recommended through a crowd-sourced travel app. Well-developed apps could tell that person the best way to get to that restaurant based on their personal preference for efficiency or a desire to experience the city. Their app could provide a straight route, avoiding traffic or a more scenic route via multi-modal transportation. As they journey, their phone can show them the landmarks they pass and provide them a bit of history, or send news alerts and market data so they are up to speed. Get the full story at Hospitality.Net