Samsung Insights’ new report posits that mobile will transform the aesthetic look and function of front desks at hotels, with 47 percent of hotels planning to leverage personal devices for check-in next year. As smartphones continue cementing their place at the top of the food chain when it comes to travel and hospitality, mobile technology is bound to change the infrastructure of the industry as well. “It makes sense to offer mobile staff in every department, not just the front desk,” said Alex Shashou, co-founder and president of hospitality operations platform ALICE. “If your staff is empowered to work through mobile, they can go to where they are most needed and remove a lot of inefficiencies in accessing their work while also walking to the area in which it is needed. “This allows your employees to respond to issues and requests in a timelier manner,” he said. “For example, by giving mobile tools to your front desk agents, they can service guests and walk them to their rooms at the same time. “Whereas before, it would take two staff to perform this action, and require the guests to wait in line for one of the staff to be ready. Thus, mobile staff is able to build relationships, direct the guest and perform the transactions the guest wants all at the same time.” Get the full story at the Mobile Marketer