If you haven’t read the recent article in Hotel News Now by STR’s Jan Freitag, you need to check it out. In a clear and simple way, it presents the historical trends across the most recent, relevant hospitality industry cycles. There’s agreement that the rest of 2016 will continue on the up side, but in 2017 - you can expect a change. Jan cites these three specific observations for the next phase: - Supply overtaking demand as a result of the latest new inventory boom, coupled with a slowing economy - More empty guest rooms resulting in lower occupancy rates for hoteliers - Threat of a “race to the bottom” as hoteliers are tempted to reduce rate to get more rooms The key is that hoteliers have the choice. The choice to follow their competitors with rate reductions - or to think differently and act differently to protect rate and maintain occupancy. Get the full story at nSight