The concept of AI has been around for decades, said Benjamin Habbel, founder and VP of global business at Voyat, and with each round of innovation, people thought computers and robotics would take over. Great things will come of it, he said, but it won’t have the impact hoteliers are expecting for their bottom lines. AI won’t solve issues with providing a greater guest experience, he said, especially when talking about an industry that still has issues with websites not loading fast enough or not working on mobile devices. Until the industry can catch up with the market leaders out there who have properly working websites, he said, hoteliers shouldn’t worry about AI. While he doesn’t think AI will have much of an impact on guest experience, Patrick Dunphy, CIO at HTNG, said he sees it coming into play for pricing, distribution and long-term strategic planning. That is where AI will have the biggest bottom line value-add along with business analytics and data ingestion. “It will explode in the next five years,” he said. Get the full story at HNN