Personalized advertising has taken on a new meaning these days. Hotel companies, airlines, OTAs, tour operators—you name it—enlist the help of companies like Net Conversion and ActionX to learn as much as possible about potential customers as possible. Based on which keywords travelers use when searching, travel companies can tap into travelers’ mindsets (for example, a budget-oriented traveler will use words such as “cheap hotels” or “deals”). They’ll then retarget travelers using, for example, banner ads. Every page the traveler goes to, there’s that same ad or company flashing on the screen. Different types of ads will cater to different types of travelers. Business travelers will generally see a more straightforward advertising approach, Vertolli said (quick-hit details like rate, destination, proximity, cost, what’s covered, etc.), while leisure travelers will generally see ads that “pull more emotional strings.” Video marketing has really taken off, especially when it comes to leisure travel. Post a 30-second YouTube clip of travelers enjoying that luxurious hotel stay or a complimentary outdoor activity and watch the interest skyrocket Get the full story at TravelPulse